four nissan elgrand campervans

Our hirers often ask us why we decided to use Nissan Elgrands as the base vehicle for our campervan hire business. Usually once they return they know the answer to that, but we thought it might be good to give you our perspective.

Over the years we have seen and spent a lot of time in an assortment of campervans. From traditional split screen VWs to the latest T6 and VW Californias. From custom-built Fiats and Vauxhalls to LWB Ford Transits with even the odd Talbot Express coach build thrown in. We have camped in, slept in and driven in a lot of vehicles over the years. The one thing that stands out on all of them were that they drive like a van – possibly with the exception of the latest VW Californias (although only the petrol version). Which stands to reason considering they all started life as some kind of van or goods vehicle.

A Great Driving Experience

When Shore Campers was born over a glass of rose and a roaring fire pit, we discussed what was important to us when campervanning. It kept coming back to the driving experience. Sure the interior layout, facilities and equipment is important, but you can customise that to your hearts content during the conversion process regardless of the vehicle. Driving experience was key, as a big part of campervan lifestyle for us is driving around and exploring places. We wanted to make sure our vans were easy to drive and would happily cruise at 70mph on the motorway but be just as comfortable to drive down narrow country lanes and seaside villages. We wanted something that can easily fit into a normal parking space, have driving aids like reversing cameras and low enough to fit most multi-stories but still feel spacious on the inside. Last but not least, we needed something that was reliable and solid.

For a lot of people a campervan is the largest vehicle they are likely to ever drive. We didn’t want them to be put off by the thought of having to drive it. Life after all is about the journey and not the destination.

Cruising in Luxury

Our Nissan Elgrands all started life as a Japanese 8-person luxury MPV. As one can expect from a Japanese vehicle, some of the mod-cons in it is years ahead of its time. Reversing cameras, switchable 4-wheel drive, power and snow modes, electric curtains, multi-zone air-conditioning, self-opening/closing doors and a host of other features were all available as options even back in 2002. Combine that with a rock-solid engine that’s been tried and tested in multiple Nissan makes and models we knew we were onto something. The drive really sold it though. The first time we sat in that captain’s seat, arm rest down, automatic gearbox in drive and cruising down the motorway we just knew we had something. This van absolutely eats the miles. It’s equally at home in a busy city or a quiet seaside village and can fit down a country lane without ever having to worry about oncoming traffic.

The engine, as they say, is an absolute peach. All our vans have that very powerful 3.5L V6 engine from Nissan that they’ve been using in their 350Z, Muranos, Pathfinders and Infinity vehicles, amongst others. Most of our vehicles also have the switchable 4-wheel drive and all have power and snow modes for extra oomph and traction when you need it most.

As standard, all our vans have reversing cameras and the latest android based in car entertainment system with built-in sat-nav. This is effectively a tablet, you can connect your phone to the car’s radio and stream your epic road trip playlist for your trip. Dual-zone air-con for the front and separate air-conditioning for the back mean everybody can travel in comfort. Pretty importing for the lovely British summers we have these days.

Along with giving them a full clean inside and out, every van is given a once over after every hire to ensure basics like fluid and oil levels checks are performed. Tyres are properly inflated and all the electrics are also checked to be working as they should. We’ve not needed to use it yet, but this is backed up by full EU roadside assistance to make sure that you don’t have to worry about anything when driving.

They are the perfect size for converting into campervans and our bespoke conversions are shiny, stylish and spotless. They have easy to use features such as the pop top roof, and lots of storage available.

Try it for yourself!

We really think we’re onto something with the Nissan Elgrands. Based on the reviews and testimonials we’ve received, our hirers seem to agree. So if you’re looking to hire a campervan that drives more like a car than a van, fully kitted out with everything you need, the ultimate mini-cruiser and holiday home rolled into one, then get in touch let us help you with your next adventure.

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