Are you thinking about buying a campervan? Or are you looking to convert your own Nissan Elgrand or other similar vehicle? The high value and/or long-term nature of this potential purchase naturally can be anxiety-inducing, especially if you aren’t sure how it will work for you. Why not hire one to get some first-hand experience to make sure. There’s only so much you can glean from a sales listing, visiting a showroom or a Google-athon; you’ll only know once you try one out.

Get a feel for it

You’ll be able to get a feel for its practicality. Sit behind the wheel and see how it feels to drive. How comfy is it to sleep in? Park up and make a cuppa or a simple meal, sit down and relax with it. Are you happy with the pop top vs your height? Will it suit your family? Can you fit all the things you need in it? How will an awning work? How much time will you spend inside the van? Should you prepare for visiting super-slick campsites with all the bells and whistles or will you be wild camping in the elements?

Make a trip of it

This is officially “research” – but it might just turn out to be a fantastic trip with long-lasting, wonderful memories made. Travel through the New Forest or along the south coast enjoying the views and the ability to stop off and explore whenever you feel like it. Enjoy those amazing views courtesy of the great British coast and countryside. Create your own kind of holiday with the freedom to enjoy, no itineraries, no timetables to keep, just go where and when you want.

Hire from Shore Campers

If you like the sound of a fact-finding campervan trip, do get in touch and see how we can help. We can also help with ideas or suggest places to stay across Dorset or a bit beyond if you are new to it. Our campervan hire includes all the equipment you will need for cooking and eating, with additional options for bedding and towels etc, so it’s easy for you to just pack and turn up ready for your adventure.

If you catch the camping bug, trying before you buy is a really good way to learn from someone else’s ideas, to experience things that work or might not work for you, and help you know what to look for in your perfect campervan! And if you decide to convert your own later down the line you’ll be so grateful for having tried one out to help you figure out the perfect design for you.

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