Connecting with nature without costing the earth.


Shore Campers is all about getting out and exploring the great outdoors, helping our customers get closer to nature. We want future generations to be able to enjoy this too, able to see and experience the beauty the world has to offer. We all need to be accountable in lowering our environmental impact and, at Shore Campers, we're ever conscious to do things as responsibly and sustainably as possible, striving for greener tourism. We continue to look at ways that we can reduce our carbon emissions and energy consumption, and reduce our plastic usage, but here are some of the things that we are doing now:


  • Viable electric campervans have taken some time to arrive, but we think they're finally coming and we have one of them! We are thrilled to be one of the only campervan hire businesses across the UK with an electric campervan available to hire. EV Blue is a ground-breaking, 100% electric vehicle - it even has induction hobs so zero reliance on fossil fuels, zero emissions. We love enabling guests to try out an electric vehicle and for them to have truly environmentally positive adventures. Electric vehicles are the future. We hope to be able to switch more of our campers to electric going forwards, so that more and more people can experience this going forwards.
  • Our other campervans obviously use fossil fuels to power the vehicle and gas for the hobs. We have committed to offsetting the fuel for every mile driven in a Shore Campers campervan. We calculate the CO2 emissions from the fuel and cooking gas used by our campers and with Ecologi we fund Gold Standard sustainability projects to offset them (specifically wind power projects in Mexico and Honduras). In addition, we plant a tree for every guest that stays in one of our campervans and we plant a tree for every review we receive. You can read more about this in our blog post here.
  • Our current (and future) campervan conversions make heavy use of natural materials and are chosen with sustainability or their eco-credentials in mind. The wooden cabinets use FSC-certified wood from sustainable sources. They are designed to be durable and also fairly easy to repair so that the campervan will last. Some of our campervans have solar panels so the power in the living quarters can come from clean solar electricity.
  • Most of our vans either have bike racks or can have bike racks added, so guests can take their bikes and minimise driving once parked up.
  • We work with multiple local businesses and specialists in the maintenance and development of our campervans.
  • In using quality second-hand vehicles, we are helping to reduce the vehicle’s environmental build impact, extending its life-span. The act of renting out the vans and quality camping equipment - the sharing economy - is in itself positive for the environment, as is saving on the travel carbon footprint from travelling abroad, taking aeroplanes etc.


  • We have eliminated almost all single use plastic items within the campervan and continue to work on this. For example, we include washing up sponges in the campervans - in the beginning, we'd just use supermarket own brand non-scratch scourers, but after a couple of hires they would look old and ragged, and they're not washable, so they would be binned. We soon realised that was not a sustainable practice, and we now use washing up sponges that are machine washable and they last longer than the season does!
  • We have minimised the amount of plastic in the vehicles in general. Our car air fresheners are wooden, we have wooden keyrings and coasters. We always look for natural materials over plastic where possible and practical. We provide digital manuals for the vehicles so no more laminated copies or plastic folders, and the check-in process is entirely online.
  • As they come to the end of their life, we've been replacing our battery operated lightbulbs and flashlights with rechargeable ones, no more constantly buying and swapping out AA/AAA batteries in between hires.
  • We use local suppliers where possible, reducing road miles and supporting the local economy - such as Moore's biscuits, Conker hand gel, Clipper teas, Laser and Grain keyrings and coasters.
  • We include clear bin bags for waste and blue bin bags for recycling, with the aim of enabling and encouraging guests to separate out their waste thus reducing what will go to landfill.
  • Environmentally friendly products, like Ecover washing up liquid (in refillable bottles), are provided for guests to use on their trip.
  • We offer bucket and spades for people to borrow free of charge to save on them buying something they will only use on holiday.


  • We moved to bigger premises during summer 2020; we're really pleased to now be renting a big barn, surrounded by stables near the A31 rather than ending up on a shiny, new unit on a recently developed industrial estate. Our nature friendly gardening approach encourages natural habitats for insects, birds, bees and animals - we have frequent visits from deer, badgers, grass snakes etc. We continue to make the building and field more energy efficient and planet positive.
  • We've had an EV charging point installed at the barn, which is available to our guests with electric vehicles to use free of charge.
  • In 2021 we switched our own daily work van to a second-hand electric vehicle to reduce our emissions. We use this vehicle to transport laundry and items for dishwashing (on our normal route), which get washed in appliances with A and A+ energy ratings.
  • We provide free transfers from stations encouraging guests to use public transport to get to us.
  • We minimise waste and recycle all we can.
  • When we receive post, stamps are given to a charity and envelopes are recycled. We keep and reuse bubble wrap, packaging etc that is sent to us.
  • We support various local events, by attending and promoting them and paying for advertising.
  • For the last two years we've supported a local school in annually offering a £300 gift voucher as a prize for their Grand Summer Draw which raises money for playground equipment or additional school resources.
  • All of our furniture and shelving at the barn was second-hand or handmade by local craftsmen.
  • We use Krystal for our website hosting, which has excellent green credentials and is run on 100% renewable electricity.
  • We got a business award from Dorset Litter Free Coast and Sea for improving our business to support and help create cleaner seas.
  • We talk about the environment and promote sustainability in everyday life, on our website, in blogs and social media posts. And we promote and work with other businesses that share these values, such as the local instructors and businesses that carry out activities in our adventure packages.
  • Team Shore Campers practice what we preach and, when we can, we love to head off on low impact adventures/microadventures, eating locally, supporting small local enterprises, avoiding plastic (especially single use), and getting out into the great outdoors, doing some #2minutebeachcleans and generally trying to leave it better.

What can you do?

Our own environmental efforts are a drop in the ocean, we’d love for you to join us.

Explore locally

Instead of going to far-flung destinations that require planes, stick to something closer. There are beautiful places to explore in these Great British Isles.

Recycle your waste

We provide different bags for your waste and your rubbish so that you can separate out your recycling and dispose of it all appropriately.

Buy local

Buy local and support independent businesses, which will also probably mean less packaging waste and fewer miles travelled.

Seek out low impact campsites

Check out campsites' eco-credentials, their sustainability information and impact on the environment and wildlife.

Enjoy carbon neutral activities

Enjoy carbon neutral activities such as hiking, cycling, kayaking, star gazing, board games or simply take a stroll through the woods. Low on carbon, big on nature!

Use environmentally friendly products

Use naturally based cleaning products made with non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients so as not to negatively impact the environment.

Save energy and resources

Always turn off the lights, turn off appliances and unplug your devices and chargers. And on your campervan break, be sure to switch off and take some time out from your devices.

Drive efficiently

Efficient driving can help you cut emissions and achieve better fuel economy. Avoid unneccesary braking and acceleration, stick to speed limits and don't leave your engine running.

Or don't drive at all!

If it's a short distance - then walk! Or take the bike and leave the campervan. Save resources, get some fresh air, get your steps/exercise in!

Respect the countryside

Park up only where you are allowed, stick to the countryside code, leave gates as you find them and take your litter away with you.

Leave it better

Go one step futher than 'leave no trace' - eradicate the footprints of others too. Leave any place you visit better than you found it by not only responsibly disposing of your waste but any other litter too.

Get outdoors

Get back to nature, enjoy the minimalistic campervan lifestyle, breathe in the fresh air and appreciate the beauty and need for the green and blue spaces around us.

Get away from it all and get closer to nature


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