Campervan Checklist

Lots of people ask us what they need to bring with them and what comes in the campervan. We provide an inventory list of what’s in the campers in the hire pack you’ll receive closer to your trip, but in the meantime here is your mega, one-stop, comprehensive checklist of everything that we think you might need. Preparation is key! Our list covers most of the necessary supplies and also the optional extras that are nice to have for your next campervan trip. Unfortunately, we’ve had to remove some things to help us be Covid-secure, such as road atlas, pack of cards and book, and we’ve removed the herbs and oil and replaced the refillable tea/coffee/sugar/salt/pepper for sachets for now. (You’re welcome to bring your own of course!) We now include some home-made bunting which hopefully adds a nice touch – and a lot easier to clean between hires!

Finally, don’t forget the most important thing to take with you… your sense of adventure!



  • Sat nav
  • Child car seats
  • Road atlas
  • Travel games


  • First aid kit
  • Matches
  • Lantern
  • Torch
  • Spare batteries for torches
  • Foldaway outdoor table and two camping chairs
  • Extra camping chairs
  • Pop up 2-man tent to use for extra storage
  • Sun canopy for the van
  • Spare microfibre towel
  • Mallet and tent peg puller
  • Inflatable driveway awning
  • Citronella candle and candle holder
  • Campervan club privilege scheme membership
  • Oil heater (for winter, use with electric hook-up)
  • Pen knife
  • Head torch
  • Porta Potti (plus chemicals and toilet roll for use with Potti)
  • Camping shower
  • Privacy tent for use with Porta Potti or shower


Bring your weather-appropriate clothes – pack extra layers, something warm and comfy for in the evenings, some rain gear just in case (especially for kids – and maybe wellies?), and your hat and sunglasses. We like to have shoes that easily slip on and off for popping in and out of the van. And don’t forget your swimming costume and beach towel!


It’s up to you whether you would like to use our lovely bedding (duvet, sheet and pillows), or bring your own bedding from home (…or even sleeping bags). Don’t forget your PJs!

  • Bedding
  • Self-inflating mattress for the pop top roof (if required)


  • Sun tan lotion/after sun
  • Insect repellent
  • Shampoo and soap/bodywash (boidegradeable preferred!)
  • Shower shoes/flipflops
  • Hairbrush
  • Cosmetics, lip balm, deodorant
  • Any medication
  • Loo roll
  • Tissues
  • Antibacterial hand gel
  • Towels


  • Bamboo plates and bowls x4 (or x6 in Dale)
  • Cutlery for 4 (or 6 in Dale)
  • Glasses and mugs x4 (or x6 in Dale)
  • Sharp knife, peeler, tin opener
  • Tongs and two wooden spoons
  • Bottle opener/corkscrew
  • Kettle
  • 2x pans
  • Colander and extra bowl
  • Chopping board
  • Tea, coffee and sugar
  • Salt and pepper
  • Kitchen roll
  • ecover washing up liquid, sponge, tea towel
  • Antibacterial wipes or spray and cloth
  • Dustpan and brush
  • Collapsible washing bowl
  • Your favourite ingredients
  • Ketchup
  • Milk
  • Marshmallows and skewers for toasting on the campfire
  • Prosecco
  • Tupperware or containers for food storage
  • Your drinking bottle or flask
  • Grocery bags
  • Rubbish and recycling bags


  • Portable radio
  • The book/magazine you’re reading
  • Phone/laptop/tablet (perhaps with a random movie downloaded in case one night you want a quiet one!)
  • Chargers (if wild camping, USB chargers; if using hook-up, either 12v plug or USB chargers)
  • Football/frisbee/boules/kite/etc
  • OS maps/compass for walking
  • Star chart
  • Paddleboard
  • Bikes
  • Bike rack
  • Buckets and spades
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Pack of cards
  • Board game (our current camping faves are Travel Scrabble, Dobble, or Pass the Pigs)
  • Colouring pencils/Shore Campers colouring sheet (download here)
  • Binoculars and nature book
  • Guitar for round the campfire
  • Hammock
  • Solar string lights
  • Home-made bunting

If there’s anything else you think should be included, please let us know!

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