responsible camping for campervans

After months of being cooped up at home and communal travel by plane or ferry off the cards for a while, it’s no surprise that we’ve all gone mad for UK holidays. The pandemic brought the world to a standstill, wildlife thrived in our absence, and we became really aware of the importance of connecting with the natural environment around us. Now that so many of us are travelling and exploring around the UK, it’s more important than ever that we find environmentally considerate staycations so that the only footprints we leave on holiday are those in the sand.

Enjoy the Great British summer in style

Exploring the UK by campervan enables you to do it at your own pace, in comfort. We believe it is important to build a sustainable future for campervan and motorhome tourism and we can take simple steps towards that by following a few pointers.

  • Look after the environment
  • Take responsibility for your actions
  • Respect each other – locals want to protect what they love, holiday makers want to come and enjoy it
  • Genuinely ‘leave no trace’ or even better – ‘leave it better’

Drive responsibly

A lot of the people who normally would have gone abroad are now staycationing, and as such there will be a lot more pressure on UK infrastructure and more traffic around beauty spots. Slow down, explore away from the beaten track, and don’t block access routes.

Where to camp

We recommend you stay at campsites or pub overnight stops, and never ever stay where overnight parking is not allowed. We’ve stayed in some amazing campsites all over the south west and doing so helps to support local communities. You can also make use of their facilities and dispose of your campervan waste responsibly at the campsite. (Campsites are the only acceptable place to empty your chemical toilet – never empty them in public toilets as it upsets the sewage treatment process.)

Use BBQs/fires responsibly

Only light BBQs or fires where it is safe to do so, and when you can supervise it properly. They should be fully extinguished when finished and no evidence left behind.

Keep Britain tidy

Dispose of your rubbish appropriately, split out things that can be recycled. Pick up litter, taking all of your rubbish and any you found there already, and dispose of it properly when you’re back in civilisation. We are big fans of the #2minutebeachclean and #2minutelitterpick and the #take3 ethos where just by doing a small thing you are making a difference.

Buy locally

Make the most of local independent shops for great quality fresh, local produce; farm shops, delis, bakeries, butchers and even farmers markets are usually fairly easy to find and they’ll appreciate your trade. Fewer food miles and probably a lot less packaging waste too. Trying new things is all part of the adventure!

It starts here

We aim to enable your sustainable holiday by including the things that you need (or giving you the option to include it), so that you don’t need to purchase items that you will only use on your holiday – such as buckets and spades. We provide bags for rubbish and recycling so that you can separate your waste and dispose of it easily. The cleaning products are non-toxic and biodegradable so as not to negatively impact the environment.

Enjoy the journey

Travel at your own pace, be spontaneous, eat local, watch sunsets, enjoy the scenery, take detours, soak up the atmosphere, relax and escape, walk through a forest, take in the architecture, watch wildlife, find a secluded beach, get lost, make memories, do the things you love. It’s all out there for you to enjoy!

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