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Go beyond the shore; hire a paddleboard along with the campervan!


The popularity of paddleboarding is soaring and it's not hard to see why! Not only is it great fun, it offers a good workout incorporating balance, strength and flexibility, and is an awesome way to explore our coast and natural environment. Another reason paddleboarding has taken off is the development of inflatable boards and therefore becoming easier to be taken on your travels. Yes, the bags are quite big and take up space in the campervan, but it is manageable - we tend to keep them on the front seats when we're parked up. (Important: you must keep them locked inside the van when unattended or overnight.) So why not hire a board, get out on the water and have fun! We have inflatable paddleboards that you can add to your hire (subject to availability). Our paddleboards are made by Two Bare Feet; we have two 10'10 Sport Air boards and one 10'6 Pacifico board available for hire - great all rounder boards. Each hire includes: the board, leash, fin, paddle, pump, dry bag, detachable seat, PFD (personal floatation device - according to weight) and a waterproof phone pouch. It costs £50 per paddleboard per hire, regardless of the duration of your campervan hire. To book, select the paddleboard option when booking your campervan. If you would like to add them to your hire after the campervan is booked, simply contact us to make the request. (Paddleboard hire is subject to availability.)


Customers should consult our Paddleboard Hire Terms and Conditions for full safety and hire information. These points are intended as usage guidelines.


You must have used a paddleboard before and have a good level of proficiency. Hirers should be able to swim 50m unaided.


You must store the paddleboards in the campervan when unattended and overnight.

Check the weather and local information

Check tides and weather conditions before you go. Remember, conditions can change quickly. Always seek advice if you are not sure - it's always good to talk to locals about the area and things to look out for to help you get the most out of your paddle.

Floatation device and appropriate clothing

Always wear a floatation device. We supply each board with a PFD (Personal Floatation Device). Think about what you are wearing too - wear suitable clothing for the time of year. Wetsuits are a great option, but if you are confident you aren't going to fall in then make sure you are dressed appropriately.

Wear the leash

Always wear a leash - this will save you from having to swim after your paddleboard if you fall off. The leash will also help you stay connected to your board if anything unplanned happens.

No dragging

Carry the board to and from the water and do not drag it on gravel or rocks or across anything sharp or rough. Also, do not stand on it or put heavy objects on it while it is on the shore.

Always tell someone

Make sure you tell someone your planned paddling route and when you intend to be back.

Take a mobile phone

Take a charged mobile phone (or other communication device) with you in case of emergency - and you can take some pics too! We provide a waterproof pouch for your phone with the hire.

Safety first

Know your abilities/limits and respect them. Understand your environment. Take a cautious approach. Protect yourself in the sun. Don't paddle in the dark.

Ask us

If you are unsure about any of this, please get in touch. We want you to have the best experience out on the water as possible.

Paddleboard Hire Terms and Conditions

All equipment hired is at your own risk. We ask that if you hire our equipment you look after it like it is your own. Please return the equipment as you took it away, sand free, dry and without damage. By hiring equipment from Shore Campers you are agreeing to these Paddleboard Hire Terms and Conditions and acknowledge that you have understood and accepted these terms. Read these Terms and Conditions properly, if you have any questions please feel free to ask prior to hiring the equipment. If we are not satisfied that you meet the conditions, we reserve the right to refuse the hire of the equipment. Warning Paddleboarding and the use of the hire equipment (even in accordance with its intended use) can be inherently dangerous. By hiring the equipment you are accepting this risk and are acknowledging that you are exposed to certain risks which include but are not limited to to physical hazards, unpredictable and sometimes dangerous surf and weather conditions and actions of other persons. In agreeing to these terms you acknowledge that accidents can and often do happen which may result in injury. You have voluntarily read and understood this warning and accept and assume the inherent risks in using the hire equipment. Use and Care of the Equipment The customer may only use the equipment for the normal purpose for which it is intended. All equipment must be used in accordance with any and all operation and safety instructions or similar documentation provided. The customer may only affix or connect other items to the equipment where such affixation does not exceed the design limitations of the equipment and is not likely to damage it in any way. The customer shall at all times treat the equipment with a reasonable level of care and shall ensure that it is kept clean, subject always to reasonable levels of wear and tear. In particular, the customer shall clean the equipment before returning to the hirer so that is in no less clean than when provided to the customer. In the event that the equipment is not available for whatever reason, the hirer reserves the right to substitute the equipment with equipment of a similar quality and specification, and which may be a different brand. When the equipment is not in use, is left unattended, or overnight, it must be stored securely in the locked campervan. Late Return or Damage to Hired Equipment As with the campervan hire, we expect the hired equipment to be returned to Shore Campers at the agreed time. If you deliver the rented equipment after the time period of rental has expired you agree to pay any additional charge for that period of time. By agreeing to these terms you agree to accept all responsibility and liability for any loss or damage to the hired equipment (however caused) which occurs during the course of your hire of the hired equipment. Any damage/loss must be reported to Shore Campers immediately and the customer will be responsible for the damage/loss occurring. You also agree to compensate us, for any and all loss of or damage to the hired equipment including, if required by the centre, the replacement of the hired equipment and authorise Shore Campers to apply charges to the fee. Charges incurred may be taken from the campervan hire security deposit or may be charged upon return of the equipment. If equipment is lost or damaged beyond repair the customer will be charged at current replacement cost. The hirer reserves the right to recall the equipment immediately at any time. In the event that the hirer exercises this right the customer will be reimbursed for any and all days remaining in the hire term or will be issued immediately with replacement equipment of the same type or of the closest type thereto at no additional cost. Fitness to Participate You declare that you (and any others that you are responsible for) are medically and physically fit and able to participate in the sport of paddleboarding and to use the hired equipment. You should have have a good level of proficiency in paddleboarding and have previously had lessons or been paddleboarding before. Customers must be able to swim at least 50m in open water. You are responsible for wearing appropriate attire, plus the provided floatation device. You must ensure prior to using the equipment that users are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs or any medical condition that would make it dangerous to participate. Shore Campers will rely upon this agreement as evidence of fitness and ability to properly use the hired equipment. Liability Shore Campers will not be liable for any death, personal injury, or loss of or damage to goods arising from the hire of any items by them unless that death, personal injury or loss of, or damage to goods arises directly from an act of omission on the part of the company, its servant or agent. Shore Campers does not have any responsibility whatsoever for loss or damage to your personal belongings. You should be aware that any waterproof containers or bags supplied cannot be 100% reliable - any personal property taken onto the water is at your own risk. We always recommend that you take out the appropriate insurance to protect you and your property. If we are not satisfied that you will meet all of these conditions, we reserve the right to refuse the hire of the equipment. All customers will be deemed to have read and accepted these terms and conditions, a copy of which can be provided on request.


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