Camping food doesn’t have to just be about baked beans or sausages – cooking inside (or outside) your campervan should be something to look forward to and enjoy as part of your adventure. Below are a few quick and simple meal ideas that you can cook during your campervan road trip. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the road – sorted! You can’t beat great tasting food, alfresco, especially after a day out exploring/walking/surfing/etc.

Our experience is in vans with two gas rings, so we just plan for meals that use one or two pans at most to prepare, and possibly the kettle for boiling water. In an enclosed space with fairly small facilities you need to think simple but yummy. We usually cook with store cupboard essentials and use one or two stand out fresh and delicious ingredients.

When you hire a campervan with Shore Campers, you’ll find two hobs, a fridge, a kettle, and cupboards ready stocked with pots/pans, cooking utensils, bowls, plates and cutlery, salt and pepper, oil and dried herbs – all you need to bring are some core ingredients and a bit of imagination!

Here are some of our favourite options, and some links to recipes:


A bacon roll, a scrambled egg & smoked salmon wrap, or a one pan English fry up. Or my eldest’s favourite: Pancakes!


You can’t beat a good old toastie. (I’m a cheese and tomato kinda gal; my other half would do cheese, ham and tomato, and maybe some onion… do what makes you happy.)

Omelette or frittata with salad.

Chicken salad – fry up some chicken and have it with some kind of leaves, avocado, peppers and tomatoes.


Sausage casserole – this takes sausage and beans to the next level, and is a staple on our camping adventures!

Salmon egg fried rice

Pasta: something like a pesto pasta or one pot carbonara.

Fish Tagine

Delicious, fresh mussels – with some local cider.

After dinner

A local cheese board – from a nearby farmer’s market, farm shop or local deli.

Eton mess made with berries from a nearby pick-your-own, clotted cream, and some crushed ready-made meringue (either from a good PYO, or from a supermarket).

Marshmallows on the campfire! Or move on a step with some marshmallow strawberry kebabs.

Other top tips

Stop off along the way at farm shops and see what is available – fantastic, fresh food without all the food miles and packaging. Or at the local butcher, fishmonger or greengrocer.

Don’t cook anything too stinky in the van – remember you’ll be sleeping in it later!

Straight to wok noodles and microwave rice are your friends, and work well in one pot meals. Or couscous requiring only hot water and a bit of butter is an easy (and energy saving) alternative to pasta or rice cooked separately. Pre-made sauce in a jar is also your friend – I wouldn’t normally use them at home, but it reduces the amount of ingredients as well as cooking time.

If the campsite in which you’re staying has a BBQ or outdoor grill available for use, use it and save on your gas.

If you’re moving around a lot and may not have electric hook-up, bear in mind what you need to keep in the fridge and how long you will need to keep it cool for.

Bon appetit!

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