Campervan sunset in Bournemouth

With the stresses of wedding planning, working out a honeymoon in a foreign country in the time of coronavirus could just be a step too far. Why not choose a holiday that is simple, stress-free and with freedom like no other? A unique, once in a lifetime trip – a campervan honeymoon or mini-moon is the perfect choice for outdoorsy couples with a sense of adventure. Pick up the campervan in Dorset, and head to wherever your heart desires! Take things at a slower pace, enjoy the great outdoors, and take in all the scenic views, rugged landscapes and quaint villages along the way. Enjoy the teamwork in setting up camp and exploring on your road trip.

Be in control

The beauty of a campervan honeymoon is that you can craft the perfect romantic getaway, tailor it to your wishes and head to the places you’ve always wanted to visit. Relax on a tranquil beach, hike up a mountain, explore a city, find a waterfall or a historic castle – explore by day and stargaze by night! With Shore Campers there are no mileage limits for UK trips so you could head off and explore all around our beautiful country.

Be spontaneous

Once the wedding formalities and fun are taken care of, simply grab your stuff and off you go! Live spontaneously: you can follow your route, but why not detour to catch a village fete or a small festival, follow a random “beach café” or “art exhibit” sign, pull over to watch the sunset, decide to stop off at that little museum after all, or stop to stretch your legs along a random shoreline. Go wherever inspires you.

Be as adventurous as you want

There are countless outdoor pursuits for couples on offer around our coastline and countryside, in some seriously romantic locations. Everything you can imagine from surfing or kite surfing, diving, mountain biking, through to coastal walks with dramatic views or even horseriding along the beach. You don’t need to be active – why not try your hand at new things such as printmaking, foraging, art by the sea. Get connected to the local culture and soak up the atmosphere, explore local architecture, markets, gardens, a vineyard, or music and exhibits. Do the things you love, without a care in the world.

Secluded… with space to relax

If you are looking for somewhere secluded to spend your honeymoon, you can find hidden away camping spots in lots of remote and tranquil locations be it by a beach, on a clifftop, in the middle of a forest or woodland. Not only can you wake up to beautiful sights of your choosing, you can dine that way too. Enjoy total privacy in your camper, get cosy around the campfire, watch the sunset, toast marshmallows under the stars before falling asleep to the sound of the sea.

Part of the wedding

You could even bring campervanning into the wedding itself to make it even more unforgettable – you could have a campervan at the wedding, use it as wedding transport, pre-wedding accommodation or even as a photo booth! Ask guests to provide songs for your road trip playlist, or write their camping stories for you to read whilst on your trip. You could even have a “Just Married” sign in the window!

We might be biased but for a truly memorable honeymoon, we have just the adventure for you! Do you need help planning your honeymoon road trip? Contact us and we can help you make it really special. We’d be more than happy to provide extras up to the value of £40 free of charge, and we’ll even throw in a bottle of bubbles too, to help you celebrate!

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