Emergency accommodation for key workers

Just as a reminder, our campervans are available as emergency accommodation for key workers who need somewhere to stay – e.g. if they need to isolate themselves away from vulnerable people or if they are working away from where they usually live.

The campervans have a fridge, two hobs, sink with running water, but they do not have bathroom facilities so people would need a solution for that – and also, of course, a parking space (ideally with power). For example, one of our campervans has been out with a key worker couple for the last fortnight whilst their housemate self-isolates with coronavirus symptoms, parked on their driveway with a bathroom in through the back door of the house. The campervans are discounted to £20 a night, with further money off for 7/14 nights. Around the Bournemouth area.

Please help get this information out to anyone who might need it! Let us know if you think we can help or contact us for more info.

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